Julie Zuckerberg – Getting The Job Done

Her philosophy is that the success of a business is recruiting the right people for the job and reducing attrition. With over a decade of experience, Julie Zuckerberg, New York based Executive Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Leader at Deutsche Bank, knows how to get the job done. After obtaining a degree in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College, Julie then went on to study law at New York Law School. Her professional career began as a director of candidate placement for Hudson where she worked for five years recruiting case managers, attorneys, paralegals, support staff and various levels of employees.



Julie’s five years of success at Hudson included providing details and information about jobs, details and guidelines regarding their prospects, benefits and promotion. She was an important link between management and employees. She managed concerns that resulted due to the workplace environment. Her degree in law ensured that issues were processed and resolved quickly and were in compliance with the legal system. Julie was a tremendous asset in that she was a key point of contact for employees during their grievances and provided valuable coaching and conflict resolution strategies.



Julie’s career may have changed in 2007, but her experience and expertise followed her as she joined Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York as an Executive Recruiter. Her responsibilities for Citi extended to assisting management by advising on recruitment strategies and current trends that would help the company maintain the upper edge in their industry. In addition, she guided the company with her insights on acquiring new talent, provided market analysis with active planning and ideas on implementation. Julie’s took part in recruiting higher levels of talent, negotiated equity buyouts, and dealt with relocation, immigration, clawbacks and other intricate recruitment issues. She advanced into the field of international relocation and process of expatriate and took on the responsibility of solely managing this area for Citi Global.



Julie Zuckerberg took on the role of executive recruiter for Citi Global Functions, and excelled in her job performance. Citi Group assisted Julie in gaining exposure and experience in the recruitment process. Experience alone helps a recruiter identify the best prospects for a productive company. Julie understood that hiring the right talent was not only the key to success for the company but also provided better performance and overall results. She took those keys to success to another employer, New York Life Insurance Company where she provided full lifecycle company recruiting services. Currently, Julie is employed at Deutsche Bank where she deals with Talent Acquisition and provides coaching and counseling for executive groups as well as a wide range of other services. She leads the hiring for MD positions and is head of negotiations. Julie uses her skills and experience to ensure the best practices in recruitment management and client management for Deutsche Bank. Her belief in the recruitment of the right people has allowed her to master the art of recruitment and bring success to businesses.

End Citizens United wants a more Fair and Balanced Approach with Donor Support

Modern day politics is not just about candidates being able to find solutions for issues. The political field on endcitizensunited.org today requires that candidates have the funds and backing they need to secure a government or public office. Today’s political candidates not only represent citizen supporters they also represent businesses, companies, individuals and special interest groups.

Candidates that are vying for high powered government and public positions are really sought after by supporters on endcitizensunited.org. The fact is that many people want to create a political, economic and social landscape that supports their business or way of life.

Political supporters on endcitizensunited.org on all levels want to endorse candidates that will give them the environment to thrive and to grow. This is one reason why the Supreme Court ruled for the creation of Super PACs back in 2010.

What is a Super PAC? This political vehicle allows groups, businesses, organizations and individuals to donate money for a political candidate. However, a political candidate cannot be directly supported by the money that was invested. Also, donors do not have to be disclosed. In other words, people can give money to a Super PAC and no one will ever know who is doing it.

That is the type of situation that End Citizens United wants to avoid. End Citizens United is a PAC organization that is working toward doing away with the Supreme Court’s decision for making Super PACs valid under the authority of the 1st amendment.

The simple fact is that government is not allowed to stop organizations, unions, special interest groups, businesses, corporations and individuals from backing or refuting candidates within an election. End Citizens United believes that this ruling can create all sorts of problems with accountability and transparency.

End Citizens United are also leery of dark money groups who can directly benefit from this ruling. Dark money groups are nonprofit organizations that exist to provide support for political candidates that are funded by corporations, businesses, special interest groups and wealthy individuals.

End Citizens United is now working to end this practice because it gives wealthy, powerful and well connected individuals too much power to influence an election. This organization wants a more fair and balanced playing field when it comes to politics.

Beyond the Darkness with Norman Pattiz

The first podcast of the show called Beyond the Darkness will be released soon. This new series will be hosted by Dave Schrader (author, radio host, and paranormal extraordinaire) and Tim Dennis (radio producer, host, and paranormal expert). The series will host world-famous researchers and experts on the paranormal. The informative and pleasurable discussions will discuss everything from ghosts and ghouls to angels and demons. Exploring aliens and even monster encounters will also be featured on the podcast.


A new podcast will be available every Monday on PodcastOne.com, the Podcast One app, and iTunes. PodcastOne.com is the leading on-demand audio service available. It offers over 200 of the most popular podcasts on air today. Beyond the Darkness will air on WWE star Chris Jericho’s podcast network. Jericho is excited to be on an adventure with Dennis and Schrader and love that they will bring their fan base to his network.


Norman Pattiz explains that Jericho has proven himself well beyond just a wrestler and says he cannot wait for the new series to development into a paranormal hit. Pattiz believes that The Jericho Network can handle any subject from comedy to paranormal.


Norman Pattiz is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Podcast One, but before this successful endeavor, Pattiz founded Westwood One. Under Pattiz, Westwood One became the United States principal provider of news, talk, traffic, and sports programming. This company has owned, managed, or distributed a variety of different events over Pattiz tenor which includes the Super Bowl and the Olympic Games.


In 2000, President Bill Clinton appointed Norman Pattiz to the United States’ Broadcasting Board of Governors. While he was on the board, Americas Arabic language radio was created and launched. During his time, the board helped establish broadcasting in all 22 countries in the Middle East reaching over 40 million people every week.


In 2009, Pattiz was installed into the National Radio Hall of Fame. He was also honored with the Giants of Broadcasting Award the same year. Outside the broadcasting world, Norman Pattiz served as a Regent of the University of California. Pattiz is also involved with the Pacific Council on International Relations and sits on the Council of Foreign Relations.

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From Millions To Billions, Hussain Sajwani, The Market Watcher

Damac properties is a UAE firm associated with glitzy property developments, and recently a spectacular golf course owned by U.S President Mr. Trump. The founder of Damac is Hussain Sajwani who prides in coming from a humble food service industry. During his tenure in this industry, he got awarded for outstanding service to the United States Army in Operation Desert Storm which was in Iraq and other Gulf countries.


To date, Mr. Hussain Sajwani says that the food company that he owned is still a part of Damac as it’s the one that helped him climb the ladder of success via a few influential individuals in high places. He also said that the food service industry helped him in making millions but now his making billions in the property business.


In 2002, Dubai was at its pick-up stage of a 6-year real estate boom. Mr. Hussain Sajwani seized this opportunity and made his first investment in the property market. He sold one of his middle-class hotels located in Deira, and that is how he managed to found Damac.


The company started off aggressively by building five-star buildings and marketed them with lots of vigor. A few years later Dubai was shaken by a financial crash in 2008, and the sales suddenly collapsed, but this did not touch Mr. Sajwani Chief Executive Officer of Damac. His firm pulled through the crisis by cautiously controlling costs, husbanding of cash, reining in some projects and applying strict rules to buyers in difficulties.


Damac property lives by three principles;

Damac holds no land debts.

Each Damac development supports itself.

Damac properties keep cash reserves in government bonds and fixed deposits so that if the market becomes soar, they can support their developments.


In the phase of Dubai’s economic healing, Mr. Hussain Sajwani aspires to expand Damac to other countries like Saudi Arabia which typically is home to upmarket projects in Jeddah and Riyadh. Turkey is also another country that he plans to venture into using the real estate platform.


Among Mr. Sajwani’s friends is President of the U.S, who before his nomination was a business partner with Mr. Hussain Sajwani. Together they own a five-star Golf course in Dubai which has made them $2 billion dollars and is still in business.

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Rutger Cancer Institute War on Cancer through Genomic Science

Cancer continues to threaten lives of many individuals around the world. However, Omar Boraie and other devoted medics are on the frontline to change this narrative through their groundbreaking cancer research.

Investigations led by the field of Genomic Science have derived new ways to diagnose and treat cancer. This has resulted in great improvement in the detection and treatment of cancerous tumors and administration of therapies.

Omar Boraie is one of physician cum scientists committed to supporting a better diagnosis, treatment, and therapies for people with cancer. He has vast education in the field of medicine. In addition, he has a great knowledge in Chemistry and is highly passionate about cancer research.

Omar is also the chairman of the New Brunswick. He is one of the chairs in the Rutgers University 18 Chair Challenge. In a report by Patch.com, to demonstrate his commitment to this campaign, Omar has pledged to donate $1.5million. Besides, the challenge has received massive support from an anonymous donor who has pledged to pay $1.5million on top of $1.5 million donated by the chairs. The anonymous donor and Omar’s family contribution to the challenge inspired other donors to support the cancer initiative.

Rutger Cancer Institute is one of the facilities that have been on the front line in using advanced gene sequencing on cancerous tumors in their medical research. Notably, genomics sequencing has been bearing fruits. It has been helping patients with poor prognoses as well as unusual cancers therapies. Besides, as a way of predicting better cancer patient results, the physician-scientists are advancing the precision medicine.

NJ Biz adds that Rutger Cancer Institute has made significant progress in providing precision medicine to patients with unresponsive cancers. Omar Boraie believes that Chair Challenge will ensure that many of the cancers can be diagnosed and treated through science.

Rutger Cancer Institute is one of the leading cancer institutes in New Jersey. This facility is purely designed and dedicated to cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment. Besides, the institute owns a number of hospitals distributed across the United States. These healthcare facilities are dedicated to providing quality care to cancer talents as well as publicizing vital discoveries to society.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/06/realestate/at-two-extremes-of-a-housing-market.htmlhttp://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/06/realestate/at-two-extremes-of-a-housing-market.html

The Success of Arab Billionaire: Hussain Ali Sajwani

Hussain Ali Sajwani is a successful entrepreneur. He is the executive chairman of the UAE. Sajwani is also the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the DAMAC Group. Here is the account of his success in business. The talented entrepreneur was born in 1954, and he grew up in Dubai. He is from business oriented family because his father was a shop owner. He also had some real estate projects in Dubai. Sajwani grew knowing that he would follow a different pathway and not that of his father. He wanted to be a professional with white collar job.


After high school, he attended a medical college in Bagdad after getting a government. He dropped a while later and convinced his father that he wanted to study in the US. Sajwani went to America and enrolled at the University to study industrial engineering and economics. After completing his degree, he went to work in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (Gasco). However, he did not stay for that long since he wanted to be his boss.


He started a food catering business in 1982. He named the business Dariah Management Services Co (DAMAC) LLC. The company developed later to DAMAC Group. Some reports say that the firm that Sajwani launched in 1982 was not DAMAC Group but was something different that did not do well. It is stated that he recovered in 1997 after he decided to invest in stock market. It came a time when the real estate business in Dubai was thriving, and Sajwani could not waste the golden opportunity.


He began a business of buying and selling properties. As of now Damac Properties is the largest company for development in the region. It has 670 million square feet of properties which are worth more than $45 billion. He has succeeded in the industry.

He is the Chairman of DAMAC Group. The company is based in Dubai. However, it is now found in more than twenty countries in Europe, Far East, and many other places. Sajwani also takes part in philanthropic endeavors. He does this as a way of giving back to the community.




New real estate app from David Osio’s team at Davos Real Estate Group

The trio of David Osio, Gerard Gonzalez and Pablo Bausilli launched a new application for the group’s real estate investors. The application is known as the Davos CAP calculator and is aimed at helping the clients estimate possible returns from a real estate investment with the group. Through the application, customers will be able to see the possible gains and therefore make an informed decision about the investment. Gonzalez described the app as groundbreaking because very few of its kind and accuracy are in operation within the real estate industry.

The real estate group is one of the companies that are part of the Davos Financial Group. This is a company that has its base in the Latin American market and whose aim is to ensure that their clients make the right investment decisions. They have investment strategies that ensure that all the specific needs of their clients are met. This is achieved through the combination of premium products within the framework of what is legal. The team that offers these services is well-trained, qualified and experienced in the services they offer.

The duo said that they have been working together with developers and other stake holders for the past six months to ensure that the application was successfully completed. The application is based on the latest technology and is available to both Android phones and IOs devices. They stated that this is just one of the series of complementary applications that the company was planning to come up with to increase the efficiency of real estate marketing. Through the applications, it will be possible to identify good real estate property and estimate the cost and benefit of investing in it.

About David Osio

David is a CEO, president and integral financial advisor at the Davos Financial Group. He started the group of companies to reach the community of Latinos living in the US and even beyond and help them invest in their future. He started his journey after graduating from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Venezuela. When he got to the US, he worked with the Miami branch of the Banco Latino before leaving to start his own company. He offers services such as portfolio structuring, asset management, tax and corporate planning, banking and successive planning. His company has offices in New York, Lisbon, Panama City and Geneva. He is investing in technology to simplify the process through which his clients achieve financial freedom.

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China demuestra inconformidad con medidas económicas de Maduro

Squaw Valley Ski Resort Reveals Water Quality Timeline

A water quality issue in an isolated area of Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been the subject of a treatment plan developed by the resort, Placer County Environmental Department officials, and independent water experts that has already begun to provide dividends. The Squaw Valley Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenney has recently looked to provide a more detailed explanation of the issue and how it has been managed to reassure the public about how the issue has been handled in the past and will be handled in the future.


The timeline revealed by Liesl Kenney explains a major rain event took place in Placer County in October 2016 that has caused many issues for those with water wells in certain parts of the area; the four wells affected by identified levels of E.Coli and Coliform serve the Gold Coast and High Camp locations that have not been provided with water since the contamination was identified. Liesl Kenney has explained the upgraded system and regular routine water testing by officials at the resort had identified the issue before any visitors could be offered water in this area and no health problems have been linked to any contaminants picked up because of the rain event.


Squaw Valley can be praised for their speedy response to the contamination problems as they quickly began working with Placer County Environmental Health officials in a bid to rectify the situation as quickly and responsibly as possible. The need to keep all visitors safe at all times can be seen in the closure of all restaurants in the Upper Mountain area of the resort, which will remain closed until all water quality is returned to normal levels. Squaw Valley Ski Resort officials understand the impressive slopes of the Upper Mountain area are a major reason for many visitors attending the historic winter sports destination and have kept the slopes of the area open with free bottled water offered to all guests using the Gold Coast and High Camp locations.

New Product Allows Reputation Managers to Cut Through the “Noise”

One of the greatest challenges that PR professionals representing major brands face is preventing and getting ahead of crises. The decentralized and viral nature of social media makes this extremely difficult as brands cannot directly control or influence the message that is being carried as was possible in the past. In addition, it is difficult even to identify when negative messages about a brand are spreading. This is an obvious stumbling block since it is impossible to handle a problem that you do not know about.

Until now. Reputation.com, a social media monitoring platform, has introduced a new platform option that helps remedy this situation. Visibrain monitors social media activity about a brand and alerts the user when any changes are detected. If there is a spike in volume or any unusual hashtag activity, the platform sends the user an email alert, allowing them to take action when seconds counts.

More importantly, Visibrain allows users to filter through the “noise” and analyze who is influencing the trend. ZDNet’s write-up of Visibrain shows how Visibrain would have allowed Samsung to detect and filter through the flurry of social media activity that followed the Galaxy Note’s notorious recall. Samsung would have been able to break down the major influence-centers that made up the social media spike.

Visibrain began as a Twitter-monitoring product directed at high-end industry and marketing clients. Late in 2016, the company expanded its product functionality to monitor a broader arrange of social media activity. A Visibrain subscription starts at $1300 per month, but for companies whose social media imprint is so deep that a traditional PR team cannot manage it, this service may be the right solution.


How To Hire An Event Planner


There are 15 steps you need to know in order to hire the best event planner for your event.

The first step is to determine what the objective is for your event. Determine why you are holding it. The second step is to determine why you are hiring an event planner. What specifically do you need them to do?

The third step is to estimate the budget. You need to determine a rough idea of how much you will spend on the event. For the next three steps you will want to locate qualified event planners. You can use resources such as researching those that have strong reputations, contact professional membership groups of event planners, and use the resources of your local chamber of commerce and area hotels.

The next four steps involve interviewing three qualified planners, finding out what their expertise is. You will want to provide details of your event, and if possible meet them in person. You will also want to check their references, asking for the contact information of some of their prior customers.

For the next two steps narrow down to one planner and have them present their total budget. The last three steps are to negotiate the terms of the event, confirm event details, and if necessary be prepared to fire ore rehire the planner.

As an example of event planning companies NYC, Twenty Three Layers is a qualified event planner. They are a full-service event planning company with creative ideas for events who work energetically for their clients. They have handled corporate and personal events throughout New York and is considered a go-to premier planner.

As event planners NYC, Twenty Three Layers provides all of the needed services to carry off a successful event. They can handle everything from venue selection, catering, entertainment, photography, to beyond. They also provide services such as custom printing of invitations, fabrication for the event, and lighting. Twenty Three Layers provides the total package and expertise needed to give the host of the event everything they will need to have a successful event.

Visit them at 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014