Choosing Natural Hair Conditioner To Restore Your Hair

Are you dealing with damaged hair or thinning and need a good hair conditioner? Do you need a natural hair care line that is well known for restoring healthy hair? If so, check out Wen hair by Chaz.

Hair hair conditioner is used to boost the texture of hair, though different hair conditioners have varying purposes and compositions. Organic moisturizing hair product is an item meant to soothe and repair human hair through natural means. In boosting the feel of the hair, a moisturizing hair product also greatly improves the hair’s aesthetics. Most hair moisturizing hair product is created with a variety of synthetic ingredients, organic hair conditioner is created with all-natural ingredients.

Hair often loses valuable nutrients after been subjected to damage due to hard water, pool chlorine, or harsh shampoos. It’s important to add nutrients back into the hair shafts when this takes place. Some hair care professionals recommend damaged hair shampoos produced of natural ingredients like herbs. Natural or organic shampoos that are not specifically made for damaged hair are appropriate.

Most conditioners are created with man-made ingredients rather than natural products. In such synthetic hair conditioners, materials such as alcohols and silicone are commonly used. Alcohols, in particular, are known to dry out the hair in the process of cleansing it. Organic hair conditioner, on the other hand, is often created with extremely nourishing products. Both organic and synthetic hair conditioner have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wen by Chaz makes the perfect hair care product lines, including conditioners and styling treatments. Their hair conditioners and styling treatments are great for fine, oily and curly hair types. There are also formulations for frizzy hair types. The substances chosen in their product lines are safe and are all-natural, showing that the company cares about the well-being of its potential customers. More information available on Wen Hair care’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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Mike Baur: Successful, but Still Giving

Mike Baur is a successful Swiss business man. He has been in the business world for over twenty years. He got his start in the world of business as an apprentice working at UBS. Thru hard work and dedication though, he moved up quickly to a position as an executive board member on a Swiss Private Bank. Mike however wanted to do more in his life, and more importantly in his surrounding community. He decided the best way to do this was to help create jobs for others. In 1994 he finished the IPO for his startup ScanSource, which is located in South Carolina. ScanSource has ended up growing to a fortune 1000 company, and in a very rapid manner. With Mr. Baur as CEO and President the company grew to be an international company by 2002. Once Mike got ScanSource to a success, it was time for him to move on to his next challenge. He remains on the Board of Directors and ScanSource earns more than $3billion yearly today.

Mike’s next challenge was another startup, but this time he wanted to take it to a more personal place back home in Switzerland. This new startup is Swiss Startup Factory. The purpose of Swiss Startup Factory is to help other entrepreneurs be successful. Due to his past success, Mike has knowledge that he knows is valuable. Mr. Baur also knows that by helping spread this knowledge thru his Startup Factory, he will be able to help create more jobs and help more people in the long run. The more startups that are successful, the more jobs will be created which will help bring wealth to everyone in the community and the surrounding area. Swiss Startup Factory was started in 2014 and invest in other startups, so not only does Mike give his knowledge, he helps give desperately needed capital. Thru this capital the other startups are able to grow, which in turn has made the Swiss Startup Factory a success.

Mike Baur has spent a lot of time in the business world, but realized that while it is good yourself to be successful, it is even better if you can help others be successful along the way. Mr. Baur has grown his own company to the top and with the knowledge he learned he is now helping others. In just a couple short years Swiss Startup Factory has also grown partnering with CTI, Goldbach Group, and Fintech Fusion all in 2016. With Mike’s knowledge, capital, and willingness to give back, the sky is the limit for how much Swiss Startup Factory and the startups it is helping can grow.



OSI Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Only 2 years after arriving in the United States in 1906, German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky started a family meat market. He expanded his business in 1917 relocating from Oak Park, Illinois to Maywood. A little while later in 1928, the family owned business was renamed to, Otto & Sons and had an established reputation for providing quality meats.

OSI became a leading supplier of quality protein and other food products to the retail & food service industry for such company’s like McDonald’s, which they partnered with in 1955 and they now operate over 60 facilities in 16 different countries.

Initially, supplying patties to McDonald’s was OSI’s primary business, until OSI introduced a method of preserving food in the 60’s, a technique that revolutionized the fast food business. Liquid nitrogen freezing or Cryogenic food processing became widely accepted and OSI expanded as McDonald’s grew geographically.

Most recently in June 2016, OSI Group purchased the Tyson Food plant for a whopping $7.4 million dollars. The 200,000 sq. ft. facility was purchased to provide the infrastructure needed to support their continued growth. Although OSI is a supplier of beef, poultry, baked goods, pork, seafood and produce, the company hasn’t revealed what kind of products will be processed at its new facility.

The facility was purchased as a part of OSI’s broader manufacturing network, to meet the needs of their rapidly growing clientele and evolving consumer demands. Aside from its meat products, OSI Group additionally provides retail branding and other food services. So close to home, the Tyson facility is closely located to OSI’s other Chicago based facility. This played an integral part in their reasoning for purchasing the Tyson facility, due to its location.

OSI is one of the highest leading privately owned food processing businesses worldwide. They operate with the same entrepreneurial spirit today as they did when they first established their company. The same foundation and philosophy still applies and is a great part of their heritage. Their mission is what has driven their success in the industry and has resulted in being ranked #58 on the Forbes 2016 list of America’s largest private companies.




How Oncotarget Has Revolutionized the Learning Experience with the Simple Click of a Button

Oncotarget is a global online platform that provides free access to journals from authors of various disciplines. The site publishes articles on a weekly basis to captivate the minds of its audience. Each article can be printed by readers depending on its demand. Since its formation in 2010, the journal platform has strived to provide high-quality reading content to its users across various disciplines. Oncotarget initially covered oncology. However, the platform has recently diversified its areas of research to covers sectors such as gerotarget, pharmacology, endocrinology, cell & mol biology, microbiology and neuroscience.

Oncotarget has successfully 370 papers on oxygen related ideologies since its inception. The site is dedicated to making scientific results readily available to its readers.

How It Works

Authors are required to submit their articles for review by the in-house team of reputable reviewers before publication is conducted. Once verified and content is authenticated, the board gives the green light for release.

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Oncotarget is proud to possess a team of highly skilled editors that work round the clock to ensure the dissemination of high-quality content. The Board consists of editors-in-Chief and Founding Editorial Board that work in harmony to promote synergy within the team. The editors-in-Chief comprise of Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagoklonny from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, NY. On the other hand, the Founding Board is made up of Cory Abate-Shen (Columbia University), Frederick Alt (Harvard Medical School), Dario Altieri (Wistar Institute Cancer Center) and much more.

Oncotarget Archives

The Site’s archives are located on the left section of the website and consist of a myriad of journals. The articles are chronologically arranged according to the volume and year of publication. Hence, it becomes much easier for readers to locate a journal and obtain needed information. See:

Oncotarget Study on E-Cigarettes

A medical study recently grabbed headlines by linking e-cigarettes to gum tissue damage. The article, published through Oncotarget, sensationally claimed that such cigarettes are directly responsible for causing mouth health disorders. Despite their soaring popularity, e-cigarettes are dangerous to consumers and ought to be avoided. Smokers assume the products are safe based on the flavored vapor produced by atomizers within the cigarette. According to Irfan Rahman, an Environmental Medicine Professor at UR School of Medicine, the gas released from an e-cigarette stimulates the release of inflammatory proteins by cells which initiated stress with other cells. Furthermore, they cause damage to cells leading to several oral infections. The frequency of e-cigarette smoking will determine the extent of harm to the oral cavity. The chemicals contained in flavors also aggravate the dire condition.

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The Excellent Marketing Career of Kenneth Goodgame

Goodgame is a senior executive principal who possesses an array of executive leadership skills. He is famously known for his innovative and growth strategies that have a significant impact in transforming wholesale and retail sales as well as consumer satisfaction. While working with various organizations, Ken has managed to have an undisputable track record of being an excellent product evangelist. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

Mr. Goodgame began his business career in 1980 where he worked as the Senior Merchandising Manager for the Black & Decker Company. He later moved to Home Depot, Atlanta where he grew to become the Senior Global Product Merchant. While working for Home Depot, Ken led the company to become one of the greatest companies with 0ver 20% increase in profits.

In 2002, Kenneth Goodgame moved to Newell Rubbermaid where he managed to grow the firm to $490 million within 18 months and initiated several new product developments. He later worked as the President of Techtronic Industries North America. During this time, he managed to open 30 stores nationwide and achieved 8% reduction in the cost of goods.

Goodgame transformed Ace Hardware Corporation to greater heights when he worked as General Merchandising Manager from 2010-2013. He executed game-changing craftsman project, which helped the company achieve 400 basis point gross margin improvements and created a sustainable 405% annual growth in top line sales.

In 2013, True Value Company made several shakeups in its leadership, supply chain, global distribution network and logistics. During this shake-up, the company hired Kenneth Goodgame to be the senior vice president and chief marketing officer. During his tenure at the firm, the company has significantly grown to achieve massive profits and turned around from a low-performance company to a highly efficient organization. He developed a five-year strategic plan which has spurred the company to become an international brand.

About Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth is a marketing and finance graduate from Tennessee-Knoxville University. In his career in the several organizations, Ken managed to establish excellently performing teams and has sustainably driven several companies to the top of the industry.

Goodgame is a highly influential team leader who combines innovative marketing with merchandising. The skillful marketing guru has managed to streamline the financial sector of the various companies he has worked with, and he can be described as the best business strategist.

Stem Cell Therapy-The Future of Lung Disease Treatment

The Lung Institute is an organization that was started with the aim of providing a better alternative to patients suffering from respiratory diseases. The institute deals with patients suffering from the following illnesses:pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and intestinal lung diseases. The Lung Institute does not aim at curing these chronic diseases. Instead, it aims at improving the quality of life for such patients by attempting to reduce the effects that the diseases have on the patients’ bodies.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Lung Institute uses the stem cell therapy. According to the lunginstitute website, this procedure involves the use stem cells obtained from the patient’s own body to harness the body’s self healing capability. This kind of therapy has been found to not only cancel out the symptoms of lung disease, but also to hinder the progression of the diseases. The aim of the Lung Institute is therefore to not only add days to a patient’s life but also to improve their quality of life.

PR Web says that the stem cell therapy involves three major steps. The first step involves harvesting the stem cells. The stem cells may be harvested from the bone marrow or from the blood. The second stage involves the extraction of stem cells in order to separate them from the rest of the cells. Once the stem cells have been extracted, they are introduced into the blood stream so that they can initiate the healing process. The reason for introducing the stem cells into the blood is to ensure that they get to the lungs by natural process and hence reducing the chances of patients developing complications. The cells are transported by the blood to the lungs. Once in the lungs, the stem cells are caught by the pulmonary trap. The healing process begins thereafter.

The benefit of using the stem cell therapy over using traditional methods is that whereas traditional methods aim at majorly reducing the pain, the stem cell therapy aims at preventing the current condition of the patient from deteriorating. The use of stem cell therapy by the Lung Institute has therefore been a great revelation for the medical field. For more info, visit

Doe Deere Is A Focused and Upbeat Female Entrepreneur

Ever since she was a child, Doe Deere has been fond of makeup and color. The founder, owner and CEO of a popular makeup company named Lime Crime, Ms. Deere is as bright and colorful as some of the products that her company sells.


Doe Deere started the Lime Crime makeup company in 2008. Focusing primarily on online sales, the company quickly became well-known for its large selection of radical yet tasteful makeup colors. The lime part of the unusual name for the company comes from Ms. Doe’s affinity for bright green colors. The crime part is a humorous way of saying that the products are so bright and vibrant, it should be a crime to wear them.


Lime Crime started out as a small company operated by one woman who followed her ambition. Doe Deere is a big supporter of female entrepreneurship and business ownership, and regularly encourages other women to strive for excellence. As an entrepreneur, she believes in trusting gut feelings, and being optimistic when it comes to dealing with other people and business situations.


When she started the company, Ms. Deere realized that there was a need for bold and colorful makeup to accentuate the bright and unusual types of clothing she wore. Believing that using cosmetics is a form of self-expression, she continues to produce shades of lipsticks, nail polishes, and eye shadows that can’t be found anywhere else.


One of the many favorite products produced by Lime Crime is their line of Unicorn lipsticks. Interestingly, Doe Deere also refers to her fans as “unicorns”. It is not uncommon for Doe Deere to respond on social media sites to her fans that contact her for advice.


The Lime Crime makeup company is based in Los Angeles, California. In addition to offering their line of products on the company website, Lime Crime products are sold on several other websites, and at a major U.S. urban clothing firm’s retail stores.


By offering unique, high quality products that are vegan and animal friendly, Doe Deere and Lime Crime have garnered lots of fans all over the world. Ms. Deere also makes a point of treating her employees, partners, and all business associates with respect and love.

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Brian Torchin is a Healthcare Expert

HCRC Staffing is an international company that was developed mostly by Brian Torchin to ensure patients get the very best physicians, doctors of chiropractic, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, Urgent Care, office managers, receptionists, public relations representatives, and physical therapists and physical therapists assistants. HCRC also hires many candidates for legal positions, including attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, legal administrative assistants, and legal administrators.

Torchin has many years of experience in staffing, opening, and managing medical offices. Before he was the president and owner of his company, Brain Torchin worked first hand as a chiropractor. He founded his company knowing full well the challenges of both employee and employer in the medical field.

According to Topix, Brian Torchin has been the CEO of HCRC Staffing since January of 2007. He has graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, and attended New York Chiropractic College from 1992-1995.

If you were to visit Torchin’s Facebook or Twitter, you will see many posts looking to hire medical professionals. Torchin has published many helpful articles for both employers and employees on LinkedIn, such as “Top Medical Staff Interview Questions”, and “How to Hire the Right Medical Office Manager”.

In 2012, Torchin participated in a interview with James Roman from SearchtoSocial. Torchin says that one of the biggest challenges in staffing is finding the personnel to hire quickly.

However, he goes on to say that they are generally able to find candidates for hire within 48 hours. He says their model is so fast because they email candidates, rather than have the candidates apply for the jobs required.

The Renowned Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a renowned international investment banking organization dedicated to excellence, integrity, service, and leadership in delivering of corporate financial advice to private and publicly held businesses. We understand that corporate finance involves strict deadlines and can respond tenaciously and quickly to opportunities. We employ an approach where investors and business owners mutually benefit. We possess the knowledge, relationship, and experience to match sellers and buyers, and match the right capitalization and financing strategies based on our client’s needs.



Our approach is based on years of experience and expertise in corporate finance, including acquisitions and mergers, market pricing and due diligence, valuation, specialized financing, and the application of appropriate exit strategies.



For many years, we have dedicated ourselves to helping clients from different industries achieve their goals punctually. Our understanding and experience in corporate governance and finance is the reason we are market leaders in financial advisory services, valuations, and M&A. We have offices in Africa, Asia, and North America, in an effort to embrace a global approach to assisting local networks and business relationships.



Madison’s Street Capital’s services include:



  • Corporate Advisory
  • Business Valuation
  • Financial Report Valuation
  • Financial Opinions
  • Asset Management
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Tax Planning





Madison Street Capital is dedicated to building strong mergers with organizations across the globe. Its support to United Way is one of its main efforts of giving back to the society through philanthropy. Situated in Virginia, United Way consists of a national network and a strong engagement capacity aimed at improving lives and mobilizing the community. The focus of United Way is resolving and identifying pressing issues as well as adopting significant changes in the community by collaborating with government agencies, schools, businesses, voluntary associations, services such as Madison Street Capital, and financial institutions. The organization, with the backing of Madison, adopted a 10-year plan aimed at improving education, assisting communities become financially stable, and working with families to help them attain economic independence.



Madison’s Hedge Fund Industry Overview



In 2015, Madison closed 42 hedge fund deals, surpassing the 32 transactions it had closed the previous year. The increasing level of transactions in 2015 positions 2016 as a record year for Madison when it comes to hedge fund transactions. The environment for hedge funds is projected to be even stronger in 2016 and Madison expects to cut some lucrative deals at the close of this year.



Awards and Recognitions



Being among the fastest growing investment banks for middle and low market businesses globally, Madison Street Capital reputation has earned it many awards including:



  • The Refinancing Deal of the Year
  • The Cross Border M& A Deal of the Year
  • The 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards For Industrials Deal of the Year

Follow Madison in Twitter @MadStCap

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Amy McClure Used Wen By Chaz

Amy McClure tried the Wen by Chaz Dean ( hair care product, and she liked what she saw. She wrote about using the product in, an online magazine. She used the Wen by Chaz hair product exactly how it was meant to be, and she saw good results. Her hair is more manageable, and it looks a lot healthier.

Are Los Of Women Trying The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product?

Yes, there are many women that are trying the WEN hair care product, because they are always hearing great things about it. Since they are hearing this from their women friend, neighbors and family members, the want to try it and see for themselves.

When You Use The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product Is It Hard To Make It Work?

No, the Wen by Chaz hair care product was made for easy use. A woman simply needs to follow the instructions that it comes with, and she will see the results in a couple of days. Her hair will look and feel a lot better than ever before, and she won’t want to use any other product besides Wen by Chaz. Many women end up throwing away a bunch of other products that they tried to use without results.

When a woman decides to buy the Wen by Chaz hair care product, they stock up with a couple of extra bottles. This is so they always have some on hand in case they run out, and they also give them as gifts to other women whom will appreciate it. Since all women can use the Wen by Chaz hair care product with any kind of hair problem, it is a very popular hair care product in the marketplace today. Wen hair products are available on eBay, QVC and the Guthy-Renker online store.