The Midas Legacy Is The Ultimate Company To Guide You

The Midas Legacy is a top of the line research services company that primarily provides wealth management advisory to anybody wanting to accomplish true success. They have provided to individuals to a wide variety of people in fields like finance, natural health, and real estate, among many others. They have provided opportunities to those who want to help further their company and assets. A wide variety of people rely on The Midas Legacy to help individuals create their very own legacy. They have helped provide immense advice and guidance to help investors better manage their money. Other people have to come to them to know how to better retire at an early age. Some come to them because they want to get into the word of natural health.

The Midas Legacy provides a wide range of solutions that can greatly impact anyone’s life to living to their fullest. The goal in life is to create a happy life in two main areas: health and wealth. Legacy wants to work with you personally so that you can find out and receive information and personal knowledge on creating success in both your health and your wealth.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen run this company successfully to help zone in on what people need to effectively grow their company and brand. Sean Bower, Jim Samson, and Mark Edwards come together in their own fields of study to help provide solutions to clientele in a brand new way. This is a company that strives to give users opportunities and chances of growth. This company continues to help people with their legacies and attaining the life that they want to live. The Midas Legacy continues to showcase new ways of growth by being wise and unique, and providing reliable opportunities for results.

The Midas Legacy is the ultimate company worth working with for numerous reasons. For example, they have experts in multiple fields of study, and they can guide you to making wise choices in your life both financially and with your health. The Midas Legacy is a wonderful company that can help your brand flourish and get you on the right path. They are helping countless people grow their brand by providing new age strategies and consulting sessions, alongside personal training help to get your mind ready for the upcoming opportunities. There are countless people who can work with you to accomplish growth and see success in many areas of your life, so this is where to be for sure.

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Putting WEN Hair Products To The 7 Day Challenge

Your hair is important to you. If you’re like most people, you want to take the best care of it possible. Recently, Emily McClure braved the unknown of trying new hair care products. In this case it’s WEN by Chaz Dean. This is a quick recap of her experience. See,
Her choice for her hair was the Sephora Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. Her hair being admittedly on the finer, thinner side of things. The cost of the treatment was $32 and had all of her hopes for lovely, flowing hair in that bottle. After the first use of the treatment, she stated it immediately made her hair feel thicker and fuller with no loose strands ending up in the drain. This had her excited for future uses.

After a few days, the product had her hair feeling on the thicker side and looking healthy. The shine and bounce of her hair left her impressed with the overall look of her lovely locks. By the fifth day she was confident with her hair from start to finish, in her words. Going out with friends, she had received many compliments on how shiny her hair looked. This was obviously the desired affect she wanted.

For her final thoughts on the product, she commented that it’s great for anybody who washes and styles their hair on a daily basis.

The infomercials and advertisements for Wen by Chaz are very well known at this point. You don’t even have to use the product to know plenty about it. The company has focused on making the very best of hair essentials for every type of hair situation. The minerals and vital oils found in these formulas are considered magic in a bottle for many people today. For the entire article from, click the link here.

The West Michigan Aviation Academy is the Brainchild of Dick De Vos

Career Profile

Dick De Vos started life from a position of privilege. He is the son of Rick De Vos founder of Amway. His net worth is $5.7 billion ranking 67th on Forbes’s list of wealthiest Americans.

His life and career exemplifies a blend to business acumen with a passion for charitable funding, especially children’s causes. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Northwood University with graduate studies at Harvard Business School and The Wharton School.

Dick joined the family business in 1974 and served in wide swath of positions from research and development, marketing, sales and finance. He expanded the franchise to 18 countries with sales rising from 5% to 50%.

The De Vos family bought the Orlando Magic franchise in 1991. Dick was President and CEO from 1991 to 1993.

In 2000 he returned to Amway and created Alticor the new parent company. He restructured the company managing a $4.5 billion company with 3.5 million part time employees.

In 2010 he joined the Windquest Group. He created The Green Machine that converts waste products from manufacturing into gaseous form then into electricity.

Philanthropic Profile

Dick’s use of personal funds to sponsor charitable causes could fill another several pages. He donated $22.5 million to the Kennedy Center Institute of the Arts, later renamed The De Vos Institute of Art and Management.

The Dick and Betsy De Vos Foundation have donated to a host of charities. They matched $7.5 million in donations to Children’s Scholarship Fund. They sponsored the American Education Reform, Choices for Children and Children First America.

West Michigan Aviation Academy

By far the most creative venture has been Dick’s founding of a Charter School named the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is a high school and is free to all students.

WMAA’s curriculum has three main components. They are Academics, Aviation and Engineering. The Academics is the school’s core program. The Aviation component utilizes nearby airports with hands on experiences including: “aircraft rescue and firefighting, air traffic controller, terminal approach control, fixed based operations, freight operations and corporate facilities.” The Engineering component includes flight fundamentals, computer codes, network and the Internet. Included are: computer aided drafting, and digital equipment.

The school has grown from 80 to 400 students in 2013-2014.

How Using Wen Products Can Transform Your Tresses

Recently, a young woman attempted to use a widely advertised hair care product on QVC called Wen, in the hopes of seeing a hair transformation. With normally thin and hard to manage hair, she wanted to see some volume and healthier tresses. WEN hair was created by a popular California hairstylist named Chaz Dean. He is well known in the celebrity crowd, and has quite a variety of hair products. His products are very versatile- you will see one or more for every hair type imaginable, but his most popular product is the cleansing conditioner. This three in one product acts as a shampoo, conditioner AND styling treatment to ease the process of doing your hair.
In her experiment, she first noticed that you must use ALOT of product per application. But, it only takes ONE application to notice a difference. Pretty crazy, right? In just one wash, she noticed increased volume. Then came the shine. THEN, by the end you could just see a world of difference. Her word of advice to the public? Don’t wash at night- it’s not meant to be slept on unless you want oily hair. If you wash and style in the morning, your hair will look healthier and shinier than ever and it will definitely not go unnoticed. To see her awesome experiment results of this Amazon available product visit:

Overall, the minimal steps in itself make Wen hair more desirable. Styling even becomes easier, because your hair becomes much more manageable due to the health boost. If you’re looking to transform your hair, no matter what type, there is a Wen product for you. Access the FAQ page here:




Madison Street Capital Eyes New Financial Strategies

Madison Street Capital released a report on their new investment strategies moving forward. This is an attempt to curb unnecessary spending that could incur while taking on new liabilities. 2015 recorded 42 new deals that showed an increase in positions it can handle, and 2016 is expected to be an even bigger year for the firm.

According to Karl D’Cunha, Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director, accommodating sellers and buyers is the firm’s top priority. This, however, cannot take the focus away from the more traditional operations of their clients as smaller hedge funds consolidate to manage the distribution of the products they offer, causing some volatility in the markets.

While these new positions point to high growth, liabilities have risen while fees have plummeted. In order to keep operating at an effective level, changes have to be made in the way the firm conducts business overall, especially since it’s Madison Street Capital’s goal to continue to increase the number of buyers and sellers they plan to acquire moving forward. This becomes increasingly difficult when one considers the market environment of 2015 was more conducive to their business than this year has been thus far.

Madison Street Capital LLC has been an investment firm since 2011, working to provide services to hundreds of thousands of clients. With approximately one hundred deals on hand, Madison Street Capital has been able to connect buyers to the sellers they need and the best services to better ensure a return on investment. A large portion of their work in in an advisory capacity, which makes them experts in analyzing existing markets, their health and projections, to offer up financial arrangements that display their knowledge of the field, attracting top tier investors to their services.

Though situated in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital has enjoyed an international presence for a number of years. By working with known companies in disparate markets with a global reach, Madison Street Capital has earned experience in these wildly different industries to rival the expertise of other advisors. Through their firm, they are poised to counsel on expansion plans, distribution, merging, acquisitions, and how to navigate financial matters like financing debt and how to properly value assets and properties. Bolstering their position of expertise, Madison Street Capital has had a long standing association with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority an have tied themselves to all their M&A transactions.

Having conduction so many clients over the years, Madison Street Capital has managed the financial aspirations of their clients while collecting experience to make them a coveted provider of counsel in matters of valuation and acquisitions. With its presence known to the largest financial markets in North America, this firm has been able to launch its services into Asia and Africa, complimenting their financial knowledge with cultural and regional understandings unique to their clients there.

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Making Your Dog Happy With Beneful

One of the joys of life is to enjoy a meal. People go to a lot of effort to prepare a delectable meal for their family. They even watch Youtube videos on certain food re cipes. They will take pride when their entree is received well. They will make an effort to develop intricate recipes with just the right amount of spice. Anybody who has a dog knows that he or she loves food as much as humans do. They want to enjoy what you put in front of them. Many owners recognize that they can make their down happy by offering them a bowl of Beneful.
Real Chicken
While one might be inclined to think that dogs were meant to consume dog food, it is really not part of their natural habitat. One does not find dog food growing on trees. They consume meat. That is part of their natural diet. That is why companies such as Beneful ( will use real chicken in their Dry Dog Food Originals. Chicken is a staple of the family dinner, and dogs love it as much as people do. When you put it in their dog food in healthy proportions as Beneful does, your dog will be much happier.

Beef & Wild Rice
Dry dog food does not really taste like food. It does not have the texture that one would prefer in their meal. It can sometimes be too hard. That is why many dogs prefer wet dog food. Beneful’s Beef & Wild Rice are modeled after the dinner table. Your dog is sure to enjoy it!

Salmon & Wild Rice
Everybody needs their vegetables! Your dog does as well. Persuading a dog to eat their vegetables might be a little easier than persuading a toddler. You need only to mix them in with delicious meat, as Beneful has done with their salmon and wild ride dog food.

Chopped Blends
If you are concerned that your dog might choke on his food, consider Beneful’s Chopped Blend of chicken, wild rice, carrots and peas. It has all of the nutrition that a growing dog needs!

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Fashion Beauty Tips From Doe Deere

In our world today, people grow up with certain fashion rules they are taught practically from birth. As they grow up, many people realize that the rules they grew up with are rules that may not make sense for them at all. One person who has learned that fashion rules can be thrown away quite happily is fashionista Doe Deere. Deere is someone who loves to play around with fashion of all kinds. Her rules is that there are no rules. Anything that goes should go. She likes to be as free as possible when it comes to her view of the world of fashion.

Letting Go

Deere is someone who has learned to let go. In a recent interview at Bustle Magazine, Deere talked about the importance of being yourself at all times. She wants her many fans to feel just as free as she does. She tells her fans that they can wear socks with sandals if that’s what makes them feel free. She also tells her fans they can wear as many patterns as they want and still look wonderful. She wants to let her own mood dictate her feeling and her daily clothing choices rather than stuffy so called fashion rules that may not even work for a specific person.

Her Own Side

Since she was a small child, Deere has always embraced the very idea of fashion as a means of communicating with others and being she really wants to be. After years of working in the field, she decided that it made sense for her to study it even further and see what others thought about her fashion. Her work led to her thoughts on fashion and the development of her own personal brand of style. Her style includes makeup as well as clothing.

Founding a Great Company

One of the things she decided to do was start her own makeup company. Lime Crime is an internationally renown makeup company devoted to the idea that makeup is a way of freeing any person from conventions of all kinds. To that end, she has created her own makeup company with many amazing choices in products. People can simply logon to her site and then pick from many types of makeup that might be ideal for them to use. The makeup they order is sent to the customer directly within a short time of ordering it.

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Stephen Murray: A Name To Be Remembered

People are currently mourning the unfortunate and untimely death of Stephen P. Murray (read more at Wikipedia), the brilliant businessman, previous president and CEO of the well renowned private equity firm CCMP Capital Advisors. Stephen Murray was only fifty-two years old. Only recently, the enigmatic leader had left work due to unforeseen health problems. Despite the loss, Stephen Murray’s legacy will live on.

His work speaks for itself, and he has undoubtedly left an inspirational mark on finance sure to inspire future generations of leaders and pioneers of the market. Furthermore, he was an accomplished philanthropist in addition to being a pioneering private equity investor.

As revealed by Talk West Radio, in many ways Stephen Murray was a man who was hard to pin down. In 1984, after graduating from Boston College with an economics degree, he received training at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in credit analysis.

Three years later, Stephen Murray earned a master’s degree in business administration at Columbia. That same year he became a part of the MH Equity Corporation, a hybrid of the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s leveraged finance sector and it’s privatized equity branch.

In 1991, Stephen Murray’s world changed again as MH Equity and Chemical Venture Partners merged following Chemical Bank’s purchase of the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. From there, Chemical Bank melded with Chase Manhattan, which effectively turned Chemical Venture Partners into Chase Capital Partners.

Stephen Murray’s illustrious career continued and in the early aughts he was appointed as the head of buyout business for JP Morgan Partners, in addition to lending his hand to a branch of JP Morgan Chase when he co-founded CCMP Capital. Within a year, Stephen Murray was appointed as the CEO of CCMP.

Beyond CCMP, Murray worked alongside corporations such as AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcot, Cabela’s, Generac Power Systems, Legacy Hospital Partners, Aramark, and Pinnacle Foods.

Finally one of the more overlooked aspects of Stephen Murray’s life were his philanthropic efforts. While overlooking his life you see a man determined to not only achieve, but to give back. He was a member of the chairman’s council for the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York.

Also, Murray contributed to Boston College, where he was the vice chairman of the board of trustees in addition to supporting the Stamford Museum and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Murray was interested in helping a wide range of people and places. Ultimately, Stephen Murray will be missed and celebrated in equal measure.

Doe Deere Helps Women Dress Like Themselves

Doe Deere started Lime Crime so that she could help women who wanted to wear makeup that was more their style, and she is now helping women get out of the rut that they have been in style wise. Women have been following the same rules for a long time, and they need to get out of them if they can embrace the kind of style that Doe Deere created when she started Lime Crime. She has some basic fashion rules that she is not fond of, and she wants all women to break them now.

Most of the rules have to do with what women can wear with other things. There are a lot of women who love color, and they already shop with Lime Crime right now. The problem is that these women are not allowed by convention to wear a lot of bright colors together. They are told to be tempered, but Doe Deere days that women can wear as many bright makeup colors as they want. This also means that people are going to be able to have a good time getting dressed because they can wear whatever they want.

Women are also told that they have to put away a lot of clothes and shoes in the winter. The clothes and shoes that women wear in the summer and spring have a lot of peep toes and do not require tights. The problem is that they are told that they have to put the peep toes away when it gets cold. Women instead can show off their tights in their peep toe shoes, and they can wear these shoes every day if they want.

The same thing is true of neutral colors. No woman is supposed to wear neutral colors because of a basic convention. Doe Deere says that women can wear all their bright colors at the same time if they want. That means that these women can wear their favorite pinks, oranges and yellows all together. That is the same with makeup, and those are colors that Lime Crime has available right now. Every woman has a different style, but they should not be held down by the rules that have been put in place by other people. Doe Deere wants women to wear what they want when they want, and she wants them to keep all their favorite clothes out all year long.

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The Athleisure Clothing Trend

The Athleisure Fashion

There is a great deal more to fashion trend on than purely how you look to other people. It is also how you feel about yourself. It’s about revealing yourself with how you dress. If you’re dressing well, you are putting forth something great about yourself prior to speaking. If you’re trying to make a great statement about yourself, the new athleisure clothing line has become very popular these days.

Fashion Design Ideas

With the athleisure line, you don’t have to worry about putting on a pair of dressy jeans. All you have to do is keep your leggings on and just change your top. Another wonderful fashion design idea is by putting on a scarf. This is a terrific idea because the scarf can virtually be viewed as the best add-on because of the many shades of colors as well as how simple it is to put one on. They are also incredibly lightweight.

The athleisure clothing fashion is basically all about wearing your workout exercise clothes for a day long casual look. It is a fitness center to street clothes fashion style. Once Beyonce began promoting the athleisure fashion the market for this style increased remarkably. Wearing different sneaker styles just about anywhere is now the typical athleisure footwear.

Fabletics Online Retailer

Fabletics is an activewear retailer that was developed in October 2015. It was created for shopping on the internet. Fabletics promote accessories, along with men and women’s athleisure sports clothing. The owner is Golden Globe winner Kate Hudson from Los Angelos, California along with online fashion retailer JustFab. The clothing line is very trendy, great quality and pleasantly affordable. To get started with the membership process you will take a lifestyle quiz. The quiz will allow the company to know what you are interested in. Every month Fabletics will make recommendations to you on different outfits.

Fabletics offers an assortment of flexible items for jogging, pilates, or any activities you enjoy. You can also select from a large variety of classy design items or comfortable lounging clothes. Every style is made for going out for a casual day or for working out at the gym. Pricing for a bottom and top start at around fifty dollars for two pieces. A Fabletic online membership for the athleisure fashion look is something that will let you be as innovative as you desire in your wardrobe selections.